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Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL)

Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL)

An MVL is a solvent winding up of a company.

A liquidator is appointed by the shareholders where the company's assets are sufficient to settle all its debts within 12 months. The MVL is a tax efficient way of turning reserves into capital and thereby paying Capital Gains Tax rather than Income Tax on any distribution.

Members Voluntary Liquidation is Used For 

  • Streamlining a group of companies
  • Retirement exit strategy 
  • Demerging or splitting a business 
  • Tax efficient wind up of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV)


  • Board meeting held to resolve that the company is to be wound up and a meeting of shareholders to be convened
  • Less than 5 weeks prior to the shareholders resolution to wind up the company, the majority of directors must make a statutory declaration that the company can meet its liabilities with interest, in full, within 12 months. (The insolvency practitioner or accountant usually assists in drafting this document)
  • The liquidator will collect in the assets, agree creditors' claims and distribute any surplus funds to shareholders
  • There is no duty for the liquidator in MVL to investigate the conduct of the directors
  • It is a criminal offence to make a statutory declaration without reasonable grounds for believing it is true
  • Members Voluntary Liquidation Flow Chart 
  • See our case studies

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