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Statements of Insolvency Practice

Statements of Insolvency Practice set out certain standards of practice to which insolvency practitioners are required to adhere. Compliance with SIPs is monitored and where necessary enforced by the regulatory bodies.

SIP 1File size: 18Kb

An introduction to statements of insolvency practice.

SIP 2File size: 21Kb

Investigation by office holders in administrations and insolvent liquidations.

SIP 3File size: 83Kb

Voluntary arrangements.

SIP 4File size: 29Kb

Disqualification of directors.

TR 5File size: 146Kb

Non preferential claims by employee's dismissed without proper notice by insolvent employers.

TR 6File size: 104Kb

Treatment of directors' claims as "employees" in insolvencies.

SIP 7File size: 23Kb

Presentation of financial information in insolvency proceedings.

SIP 8File size: 130Kb

Summoning and holding meetings of creditors pursuant to section 98 of the Insolvency Act 1986.

SIP 9File size: 28Kb

Remuneration of insolvency office holders.

SIP 10File size: 6Kb

Proxy forms.

SIP 11File size: 46Kb

The handling of funds in formal insolvency appointments.

SIP 12File size: 14Kb

Records of meetings in formal insolvency proceedings.

SIP 13File size: 22Kb

Aquisition of assets of insolvent companies by directors.

SIP 14File size: 412Kb

A receivers' responsibility to preferential creditors.

SIP 15File size: 219Kb

Creditors committees.

SIP 16File size: 127Kb

Pre packaged sales in administration.

SIP 17File size: 23Kb

An Administrative Receiver's responsibility for the Company's records.

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